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Crowdsourcing ideas and solutions…

November 30, 2010


I have to admit that despite its condescending nature I sort of like those Windows 7 TV ads where various problems and issues, encountered by everyday people, are solved by going “to the cloud”. This is of course referencing the latest Windows 7 products and services that are starting to use cloud computing as a […]

A foreign student’s survival guide in a digital age…

November 4, 2010


About one year and two months ago I made my move to the United States of America to pursue my masters degree in new media at Indiana University’s Bloomington campus. The idea of being a foreign student has always been romantic to me and I imagined myself being the center of attention whilst inquisitive locals […]

Jumping the divide: Social gaming vs Console gaming

October 26, 2010


Lately it seems as though there has been a lot of news going around about the share value of social game producer, Zynga, compared to that of established gaming behemoth, Electronic Arts. Today VentureBeat reported that the makers of Farmville, FishVille and Mafia Wars, among other titles is¬†worth $5.27billion, a hair’s breath over EA’s $5.24 […]

Living a media life…a digital life

October 20, 2010


    Have you ever found yourself wondering when you will you update your social media accounts next? What will you tweet that will up your ¬†mentions count? What status updates are the most entertaining or controversial that will cause people to comment, like or share with others? If you upload a picture on Flickr […]