I would say that this blog is more than just about anything but about what interests me in the digital world. Ok, that is a convoluted statement much like how convoluted I can get at times. I began my career studying politics at the University of Pretoria before doing my honors degree in journalism at Stellenbosch University and finally ending up at Indiana University where I am studying “new media”. Is there such a thing as new media or are we the old artefact that tags along with media?

Either way we live in continuously mediated world where digital technologies and social media are connecting us in ways Tim Berners-Lee could never imagine. So where do I fit in this world and where am I going? When I can answer that question I will happily retire but for now I am happy to enjoy the ride. I’ll try to entertain and inform you with my writing and if you think it’s dated then let’s have a conversation. It is a Web 2.0 world after all.

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