Back in the Confessional…

Posted on March 4, 2011


Why does it feel like a session in the church’s confessional whenever you get back into blogging after a prolonged period of absence?

“WordPress forgive me for have been absent. It’s been two months and several days since the last time I posted. I have dishonored you by worshipping other social media sites. I have seen memes come and go without examining their repercussions in a blog and I have commented on other blogs without taking care of my own.”

If Brian Solis and Mitch Joel knew what I have been doing they’d be spinning at their desks wondering what happened to my social media strategy. You see blogging is something you can’t pick up and drop without suffering: your numbers go down and people stop following and reading your material.

Why I say this is because this week I managed to land two jobs as a blogger for a digital media production house (Blue Line Styles) and a youth culture blog (The Next Great Generation). Yes, things are moving along quite fast for this digital native.

In the period that saw a so-called social media revolution in Egypt, the Social Media Week conference (that took place all over the world) and Groupon committing media suicide with their ill-conceived TV ads, I managed to land some work, and boy am I going to have to flex all my social media knowledge here.

So far I have come up with a social media action plan that should place an international event on the social map here in Bloomington…how it will pan out in the next couple of weeks is yet to be seen but I am ready for it.

For this to work though, like any social media strategy, the whole team has to be in on it, not just one person; marketing, graphics and the web development team have to be onboard with this action plan in order for it to work.

My initial plan was to focus on expanding our Twitter, Facebook and blog following; with a mid-term goal of increasing our Facebook fans to more than 1000 and our Twitter followers too, also to get #ThisisTangoNow as a trending topic. High aims considering the small window of time one has to execute this plan…probable not impossible.

The key to get such an exponential growth is employing social media optimization for the web site and social media presences we have. Tagging the posts we make and pictures we take so that we can be involved in the conversations taking place about our event. The objective is to be sincere and willing to engage in conversations with the audience. Measuring metrics and results comes after that.

I would wax lyrical about this project but for now I hope to get the support of my people, my fellow digital natives and immigrants, my social media compatriots.

Over and out.