Crowdsourcing ideas and solutions…

Posted on November 30, 2010


I have to admit that despite its condescending nature I sort of like those Windows 7 TV ads where various problems and issues, encountered by everyday people, are solved by going “to the cloud”. This is of course referencing the latest Windows 7 products and services that are starting to use cloud computing as a basis for computer interaction be it conducting business proposal drafting or photo editing. More than that I get the sense that we have moved in our computing paradigm to a place where ideas and problems can solved offsite by a larger “knowledge community” (thank you Pierre Levy).

Just today I was stuck in a conundrum where I had to send funds over international borders and my last two services (Western Union and Xoom) had let me down. So I went to “the cloud” and crowdsourced my social graph (on Twitter and Facebook) to get a solution. And low and behold, no more than 10 minutes later I was presented with an answer by a couple of my followers and friends.

Now this may not be the answer to every solution it is at least indicative of the power of your social graph in crowdsourcing for your own answers. Brands are also starting to realize this, whether positively or or by accident, and we’re starting to see more companies leaning to their customers when it comes to brand changes and such. What will be interesting to see is the advance of crowdsourcing social networking services, such as Evly, will take advantage of this affordance.

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