Why the US version of Skins will suck!

Posted on October 22, 2010


Living a life in media allows a certain affordance in terms of a number of media outlets available to all. For starters being connected to Netflix streaming, and other online steaming outlets, allows me to be connected to a vast selection of media content that might not be found on American DBS or STV. Lightly put I can watch the UK version of Skins with no need to see some American basterdized, censored version when it comes out in January 2011.

Now there’s already some publicity in terms of the US Skins version that will grace the soil of this FCC ruled country. But in a land ruled by the Parental TV Council which ruled Miley Ray Cyrus’ new video too hot for TV based on some provocative exposure in the video…I doubt we’ll get the full Skins experience in this country.

You see, I’ve loved the UK Skins version since the day I happened across it on DSTV back home in South Africa – a British protectorate in some peoples’ minds even today. The fact of the matter is that MTV will never allow the full candidness of Skins to materialize on American soil in order to attain that PG rating the PTC and MPAA so begrudgingly awards movies and series for the minimalist amount of exposure possible.

The fact that I can watch the original Skins on Netflix circumvents the unnecessary longing and lusting over what is genuinely the best youth show on this planet (Glee take some pointers). But that is what living in a digital world affords us, the power of choice. Without a strong Internet connection I would be bound to the terrestrial realm that dictates my viewing, but being able to choose when and where I want to watch my favorite shows liberates me and all of us from this narrow dogma.

IPTV is the future and because of it I am looking forward to the day Google TV makes a proper appearance in our living rooms.

Africa out!

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