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Posted on October 20, 2010



A slave to social media

He is a slave to his Twitter account


Have you ever found yourself wondering when you will you update your social media accounts next? What will you tweet that will up your  mentions count? What status updates are the most entertaining or controversial that will cause people to comment, like or share with others? If you upload a picture on Flickr how will you tag it in such a way that it becomes the defacto image when people search that topic?

Ok, the way this post is coming off seems to be technologically deterministic – interesting as this was just said by my media economics lecturer as I write.

Social media, digital media, new media. What do those terms mean in  our day to day lives as we move between the spaces in our lives: waking up, commuting to work, having lunch, coming home, watching TV and going to sleep. In in my own view digital media has become so integral in the way we live our lives it’s basically ready-at-hand, a Heideggerian term that can be taken to mean that digital media is there but we do not think about it.

For some it’s so natural to live through and side-by-side with social media as though it has always been there. Getting news from our Twitter contacts has become so intuitive that news media are facing an identity crisis. Brands are being dictated by the common man instead of the suits in the boardroom. Gaming culture has been pervaded with social appendages opening the once closed activity to the family. And TV is no longer a familial tradition controlled by the pre-planned schedule, it can be enjoyed anywhere and is watched everywhere.

This is the first of what one hopes to be many posts on the new world, this new way of living where our lives are no longer lived with media, but in media (thanks Mark).



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